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What about if you should leave tomorrow for an intecontinental trip? And what about if they tell you TODAY?

Unplanned Travels is a way of travel and photograph when the destination is decided by others or in case of sudden departures. It means to be able to live the journey at the moment, without too much planning, in a matter of seconds you have to jump among the people and understand the soul of the place you are in. Quick decisions and action.

You have to get lost, wander without a goal, curious, open minded. In more than one occasion I made the most fortunate meetings and saw the most striking places, out of that tourist guided path.

With this I do not mean that you always have to rely on luck, good preparation is essential to make the best use of the unexpected. The picture of the entire life could be hidden behind any corner, but you have to go looking for it and be ready when it show up.

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Prizes and publication

2010 INAIL, Centro Protesi R&D

2012 Honorable Mention at the first edition of “La Cartolina delle Dolomiti” in collaboration with UNESCO

2014 Cover image of the BeTop magazine

2016 Honorable Mention at IPA (International Photography Award) in “Architecture: Building” category

2016 Honorable Mention at IPA (International Photography Award) in “Fine Art: Landscape” category


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What I can do for you is to share 10 years of travel and photography experiences with you and help you get the most out of the short time we have to enjoy the best moments to remember.

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